A Visit to The Oaks, a 38k round trip.

What a privilege it was for us to be able to ride on the Oaks Estate just outside Greyton. A 10k dirt road ride out and you're there. Ten of us, some locals and others, Xmas visitors, started out through the orchards. Then it was up past the dam, via the sheds, and onto another dam for a photo opportunity (see pic 07.58.01). From there we went up past another orchard till we got to the small pine forest at the top. Single track then takes you down to the Oak forest where you pass a small run down cottage. (pic 08.10.43).

Then its up a gnarly uphill till you reach another dam (pic 08.15.51 or 08.17.42). Unfortunately at this stage one of our visitors hit a technical snag (snapped of his rear derailleur). pic 08.27.42. We managed to convert his bike to single speed and pushed on up a tight single track up above the dam. (pic 08.41.14). Below, we could see the Estates Nguni cows being herded up to the dam. From here the single track led on up to a gum forest where we stopped on the jeep track for a breather. The jeep track gradually ascended till reaching a blue/red route sign post junction. As that pesky technical reared its head again, some of us broke away to inspect the blue route. This led us up to a small parking spot, where you can, on foot, go and have a look at the waterfall (in season).

Back down we went to fetch the others and link up with the red route again. Once we had "sort of" got the technical back under control, we rode up to the koppie and followed the track downhill (at last!). (pic 09.12.02 view from the top).

We popped over a very rickety wooden bridge and rode some very fast and fun single track. The track took us along the riverside till it popped us out onto the side of a plowed field. From here, it was through a gate, passed the Estates self catering cottages, and back onto the Riviersonderend road. We briefly passed the beautiful Oaks homestead as we headed back to Greyton. Of course we couldn't resist racing the last 10k back for coffee!!