Trails Feedback

From: whattingh [mailto:werner.hattingh@***********]
Sent: 25 March 2013 10:33
Subject: Trails feedback

Good day.

The past weekend me and a friend was there rode some of the trails and want to give some feed back. 

Green. We rode green with short cut with his wife. This is a fun bit, but the fire damage made it bit hard sometimes to know where to go. Also the beginning entrance with a blue painted did not make me think of the green route so missed it the first time. For most part it flows nicely, awesome job. It need little bit of work but totally understand the time an funds problem at the moment. 

The Red route. I expect some climbing but wow. The first big climb is proper but the views are great from the top. Descending we saw few bucks but unfortunately out of range of the camera.  The middel area of going down was bit of guess work  close to what seem like a small dam wall, extra sign there might help. We also saw you too have the cattle problem with the sign boards. They use it to scratch them self. The only solution I  can think of is not make a cut out in the post and make the sign curve with the post so that no edge stand out.   Just past the old bridge we found a 3 wire fence which I barely spot and warn my friend in nic of time. Next when we got there the fence has become damage. Not sure if someone maybe connected it. I use some duct tape just to make it bit more visible for now.  My friend fitness is not that great at the moment so Voorstekraal and genadendal we did blue route. In this area we found a number of signage where the arrow stickers was partially or  completely missing. With looking of the map before hand and guess work we manage to stay on track. 

Not sure what expanding option you have in mind for future but could I sugguest to try and try and avoid the housing area if possible. Reason for it is there was lots of broken bottle close to that area's and I for one dont like that as the cost of mtb tires these day I would like not to loose a tire if can be avoided. Also see an idea kmz attached.

Thanks for good work. I will definitely be back, an hope by then the boards are ready so we can pay. 


Werner Hattingh