Novice Ride

Such a fabulous morning..... it was all smiles and lots of learning. A small group of riders arrived at the Oak and Vigne for their early morning novice ride. After a short chat and reminder about the brakes, gears and safety tips we were on our way....through the forest and across the road to the sandpit where we had great fun practising our skills in the "hoepies". The humps and bumps in this area are great for trying everything from quick gear changes to learning about your bike in the sand, it's the perfect place to develop a little more confidence and this morning was no exception, the laughter and grins said it all!  There was great concentration as we rode up the hill and the challenge of crossing the style........then onto the gun club along the single track to a celebratory coffee at the Oak and Vigne. What a privilage to be part of it all!