Handover of toolbox to our budding mechanic!

Apart from being the "official handover of the toolbox day" we also had our second go at creating some order among the piles of broken yellow bikes. The first time we opened the bike store we were overwhelmed by a tangle of yellow bikes in various stages of disrepair. Few were rideable. Fortunately quite a few required no more fixing than a puncture and that is what we did the 1st time about 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday we started to get a sense of what is going on in that shed. As the back wall became visible through the forest of yellow we'd devised a cannibalistic system with two broad categories of bikes: Those that will offer their parts to those that are in good enough shape (frame and bottom bracket sound) to consume the others.  

On Thursday when the kids arrive for their ride with Peet there will now hopefully be enough bikes to go around!

Nigel, who received the toolbox, is a 16 year old student at Emil Weder and is happy to dedicate some time in the afternoon to help fix the bikes and now that he has a basic starter kit he can do more than puncture repair!

Members of the Greyton Genadendal MTB club will continue to offer support to Nigel with tools and our labour; and Peet by playing tour guide when he takes the kids on a twice weekly ride. If it is something you'd like to help out with on the odd occasion contact Ria on 082 252 1183

Nigel with his new toolbox and pit crew.