GGMTB Rockhopper kids cycling

Every Wednesday at 4 ‘o clock It’s cycling time. About 15-20 of us set off for an hour or so of riding and practicing various skills. This week, we focussed on getting over a style successfully. The closest style is on the Krige road, pretty much at the end of the forest part of the Greyton Green route. Styles are well worth mastering and having the confidence to get over, as they will frequently pop up in your riding career.  
Part of the group are parents and so they get tested too! Two of us “manned” the style as the kids and parents approached. They had to learn to gather speed and straighten out (The run up to the style starts skew before you hit it), keep enough momentum to easily reach the apex with pedals straight/level, and drop down the other side. Easier said than done.
Baring in mind the kids range from 5-10 and ride bikes from 20’- 26’ they did very well. Everybody had fun and learnt a lot. Let’s see what happens next Wednesday.