Injury Summary

Hip Flexor Injury?? Something to avoid. Never had one before but has the potential to keep you off your bike for weeks. In fact, I believe cross-training was the cause, running up and down some steep hills without sufficient conditioning. And then my mistake was riding with the injury and although it was only niggling very slightly, it was just a bit worse each time. Had to ride the Greyton Classic though and once that was finished - rest!!

That was over 11 weeks ago and still recovering. 95% right (tender to the touch) but need to be 100% before the real training starts again. So what did I do. As this was a chronic injury, I went with infra-red heat, gentle soft tissue massage using some of Marise's anti-inflammatory muti and a stretching regime. After 8 weeks some gentle cycling undertaken to prompt the muscle memory and slowly build up some stamina. Also had some acupuncture to de-stress the body and in general, I feel that the next week or so will see things come right. No fast fix for this one - the flexors are intricate set of muscles and tendons, and the art is to catch the injury early.

Could I have reduced the lead time to recovery - probably. A visit to the physio could have made a difference but my physio is in Cape Town (have an aversion to that trip). Anyway, the rest could also have done some good. And now? Well - meditation - but that's a new ball game!!!