Picture courtesy of OakPics.com 

Apart from our main focus to get more trails to riders and more riders to come out and play we have a number of ways in which we want to involve our broader community in order to achieve our vision: To facilitate the process of developing Greyton as the family MTB destination of choice in the Western Cape.

Building the sport from a grass roots level is a sure way to make our sport sustainable and to bring out the winners of tomorrow! We’re building on a base of kids riding for pleasure and if racing snakes or DH junkies emerge we’ll be there for them.

Another vital cog in our plan is a mechanic who can work on the kids bikes and also service the bikes of commuters who generally can’t afford prices at a sport specific bike shop. We applied and receive funding from PPA to help set up a workshop with spares and a supply chain for spares for a trained mechanic. (See our Thank You PPA blog here)The funding application also asks for bikes for a kid’s league to be held between the 4 villages and hamlets – Genadendal, Berea, Voorstekraal and Greyton. This is where our young champions will emerge!

Our trail building team can cut new trails and maintain old ones. Permit fees go directly to these guys to keep a handle on the trails.

If you feel that you’d like to help with the kids project (old bikes), with setting up a workshop (anything from bike tools to a container to house it!) or by donating for new trail to be cut please contact our treasurer Ria Wills at ria@tcslearning.com

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