Q: Where can I get permits and how much do they cost?

A: Permits are available from Vanilla Cafe in Oak St.

Day permits cost R50 and annual permits cost R480 more... link to Permits


Q: Where do the trails start?

A:  Once you’ve bought your permits and displayed your permit board on your bike you can start anywhere but the official trail head start outside the Oak & Vigne in DS Botha street. You'll find the start arrows to the various trails and a large trail map, also located outside the Greyton Information office.


Q: Are these trails for anyone?

A:  Well our trails are open to anyone who follows the rules and buys a permit but if you’re asking in terms of skill level I’d say that a real novice should start on the Green loop with shortcuts and once you’ve built your confidence there you can try the longer version and then perhaps the blue route as well. Even the Red loop is rideable to anyone who is familiar with off road riding but be warned that there are some serious hills and fast downhills that require brakes to be in good working order!

Q: What facilities do the trails offer?

A:   Most of our trail visitors stay in Greyton for the weekend so we have not made provision for showers BUT these trails are almost unique in the Western Cape because they are in the backyard of a great little village full of B&B’s, restaurants and coffee shops and an assortment of interesting shops to browse through.

Q: If we’d like to stay over how do we book and what would you recommend?

A: The Greyton Tourism website (link) and tourism office 028 254 9414 will help you find from camping to luxury B&B!

Q: I’m on my own and would like to hook up with some of the locals How do I do that?

A: Most day’s there will be someone going out. Currently Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are our regular morning riding days but get hold of Tristram and he’ll connect you with the right group. (contact)

Q: I really appreciate what you guys are doing and would like to get involved to help make a difference.

A: Great! If you’re from Greyton or spend a lot of time here and would like to help in a practical way get hold of Andrew or Ria – either of them will be happy to meet over coffee to chat about ideas and what can be done. Any other contributions of time, money and ideas will always be welcome! (contact)

Q: Where is the closest bike shop?

A: Our local bike shop, Rockhopper Adventures has recently moved to Somerset West but have left an “agency” with some spares and emergency supplies at Vanilla Cafe

In case of an emergency contact Corne of Rockhopper Adventures and he may be able to help as he is often in Greyton.

Rockhopper Adventures Somerset West, Corne

083 235 9612

Hermanus – Euodia Cycles  

028 316 2119

Hermanus – Hermanus Cycles

028 313 2052

Somerset West – Helderberg Cycle World

021 850 0082